Exclusive C-Mart Traffic Video

by Brian McNamee

Exclusive C-Mart Traffic Video

To view video go to http://youtu.be/er7L-niVKnA

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Daily Hayward Street Encounter

Front and rear views from commuter sitting for 5 minutes on Hayward Street waiting to turn onto Hancock Street.


Driver's view to front.


Driver's view to rear.

City Council's Permission Needed

Public Hearing March 11th at 7:00 pm
North Quincy High School

Dear Friend,

I have listened to your concerns regarding the C-Mart supermarket proposal.  If there was strong Community support for this project I would have advocated in favor as your elected representative.  This was not the case.  Based on personal conversations including phone calls, mail, and e-mails, I know first-hand that the vast majority of Ward 6 residents oppose this supermarket.  The significant resident opposition is solely because of the Hayward Street location (former Boston Gear Works site behind the Wheelhouse Diner) and due to the additional traffic a second supermarket would bring to this already congested area.

Do not let anyone tell you the C-Mart Special Permit is a “done deal”.  The Quincy City Council will decide whether a permit will be granted.  This is a public process and your views in favor or against are critical.  Please attend the Public Hearing at North Quincy High School March 11th at 7:00 pm.  There is little doubt that the residents of Ward 6 will bear the brunt of the traffic associated with this proposal.  The threat to the public safety, which accompanies larger volumes of traffic, is of equal concern.  To see a report on the number of motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents along this portion of the Hancock Street corridor click here.

I have also heard from constituents that are in favor of this proposal.  Your views are also important to the Quincy City Council as they deliberate this matter.  I encourage you to share your opinions in this important democratic process.

Residents have a constitutionally guaranteed right to petition their government.  This right is articulated in the First Amendment of the Constitution.  It is known as the “Petition Clause”.  This clause states that “People have the right to appeal to government in favor or against policies that affect them or in which they feel strongly.  This freedom includes the right to gather signatures in support of a cause and to lobby legislative bodies for or against legislation” (Copley First Amendment Center).  You are encouraged to exercise this right.

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To view another important video click here.

For the standards that will be considered by the Quincy City Council as they sit in their capacity as “A Special Permit Granting Authority” click here.

Please feel free to call me at 617-770-0678 if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours truly,

Brian McNamee

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