North Quincy High Campus Expansion

by Brian McNamee

Mayor's Plan to Expand North Quincy High School Campus

To expand offerings available to North Quincy High School students Mayor Koch proposes Teel Field improvements and expanded parking for students, faculty, and staff

Dear Neighbor,

In a continuing effort to keep you informed of developments in Ward 6 I am including in today's email some of the slides from the Mayor's November 20th community meeting at North Quincy High School (NQHS).  I thank the Mayor for this newsletter content.  This permits me to use this newsletter vehicle to further inform residents of this significant proposal.

The Mayor articulated quite clearly what his rationale was for this expansion of the NQHS Campus.   In short, he believes there is a significant difference between the athletic amenities available at NQHS in contrast to the new Quincy High School.  In an effort to equalize offerings the Mayor wants to provide NQHS athletic facilities equal to those available at Quincy High School.

In his presentation the Mayor acknowledged with regret that there are some homes that will be needed to be purchased.  There is an effort to do this with negotiated purchase agreements with homeowners.  The City does, however, reserve the right to take the homes through eminent domain proceedings.

I have encouraged the Mayor to expand the proposal to further equalize the amenities by taking the GOALS building and making it a Strength Training and Fitness Center.  This is an element that Quincy High School has with the George G. Burke Fitness Center that NQHS lacks.

Click here for a "Top Down" view of the Athletic Field, Additional Parking, and Retention Ponds.

Click here for a view of the proposal from Hunt Street.

For a rendering depicting the Hunt Street area and the Teel Field improvements from the top of NQHS click here.

Due to the loss of the Teel Field during the construction period the Mayor proposes other improvements to the O'Neil Field at Atlantic Middle School.  Click here to view the talking point slide from the Mayor's presentation.

Click here for the slide that outlines the Mayor Koch's Funding Strategy.

Hopefully this newsletter helps keep informed those who could not attend the Mayor's public meeting.

I wish all the residents of Ward 6 a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Yours truly,
Brian McNamee

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